The Albatross Project

The City to Sea 'Albatross Project' is a work in progress that proposes to develop partnerships with scientists, artists, museums and universities to put together a high profile exhibition. The event will draw attention to the current state of the oceans and how animals and humankind coexists within these landscapes. For example – Plastic debris or flotsam in the oceans is an ongoing issue for marine animals and birds and puts a strain on the ecosystem, the food chain, and the health of humans. Consumer waste flows down City Rivers from metropolitan areas such as New York into the sea.

Our aim is to commission scientific researchers to collect physical specimens of dead birds (i.e. the Albatross, a seabird of power, endurance and a symbol ‘good luck’ at sea has declined due to this issue and may face extinction). A taxidermist will preserve the specimens. Therefore, bringing artists, marine biologists and charitable foundations together to raise public awareness and engagement.

We wish to show the ingested plastic, the effects of plastic marine debris; so people can see the reality of this problem, with the hope this will put this issue into the public sphere. It’s about consciousness, the project aims start a discussion, to help people think about best practice. The City to Sea Project wants to act as a catalyst, generate and act as a think tank to envision imaginative ideas in order to get people thinking about practical solutions and responsible uses of plastic and recycling.